Response time

Response to the reported issue - Time is calculated since receipt of the report of the customer and severity level is identified - in hours of coverage

Resolution/Mitigation time

is the target time to get the resolution of the issue reported - Time is calculated since the issue is acknowledged until it is solved or mitigated

Severity Level


Response time to begin working issue





Severity 1

The entire organization’s ability to perform critical functions is in jeopardy or unavailable

Within 60 minutes business hour

Within 12 hours

Escalate using escalation contact list

Every 2 hours

Severity 2

Ability to perform a mission critical function is in jeopardy or unavailable but a workaround is or can be established within a reasonable time.

Within Four Business Hours

Within 24 Business Hours

Escalate using escalation contact list

Every 8 Business Hours

Severity 3

Ability to perform a job function may be impacted or inconvenienced, but can continue business as normal operations.

Within 24 Business Hours

Within 48 Business Hours

Every 24 Business Hours