Key Features

  • AnubisNetworks' Global Threat Intelligence Platform is a security ecosystem permanently monitoring the world for Botnets, Reputation and DoS attacks, which communicates with MPS edge filters, for real time proactive malware prevention.
  • SOA Architecture and Web Servicesarchitecture, enabling organizations to extend the platform by integrating with Websites, Intranets and every Mail Server, DLP and Archiving systems.
  • Control Features on top of Security Features take this platform beyond Email Security with Outbound Quota Management, Rate control, Email Validation, Transport Encryption and many other features, all available per user and per scope.
  • Full Visibility on your platform with complete details on messages and queues, to enable your support team to track down and report on any message in your pipeline, plus control inbound and outbound flows throughput. Moreover, MPS contains several dashboard data, system auditing, business information tools, and hardware monitoring, each feature configurable by scope and data.
  • Lean Management of Quarantine to be operated by IT and/ or end users, with the option of web end user interface and/or email interface (via periodic HTML digest).
    • Hierarchic Multitenant System for Inbound and Outbound thanks to an advanced architecture with several administration scopes (Virtual scopes, SMTP domains and LDAP based Organizational units), each with distinct roles – Including Helpdesk users - for both centralized and delegated management, fit for the most demanding organizational structures.
    • Resilient, High Performance Platformswhere each system scales transparently and is able to handle millions of emails without service disruptions, and with Email safe queuing; MPS delivers all your messages as fast as your server can process them. A centralized UI for all scopes, can manage an entire clustered system.

And for Service Providers:

  • Auditing and Monitoring for advanced and easy access to detailed information on all activities and system information, for billing, auditing and compliance purposes.
  • Customizable / White Label GUI on each of the hierarchy scopes can be fully customized with your brand identity, your partners and your end customers.
  • Carrier grade infrastructure giving your resellers and organizations a high availability carrier grade infrastructure, lowering their TCO.