Zimbra Collaboration 8.5.0 Patch 2 is here!

Zimbra Collaboration 8.5.0 Patch 2 is here!

Hi guys, I'm pleased to announce that Patch 2 for Zimbra Collaboration 8.5 is here! It comes with a lot of fixed and resolved bugs. Please do a full backup or snapshot. You can download the patch and the md5 file here:

http://files2.zimbra.com/downloads/8.5.0_GA/zcs-patch-8.5.0_GA_3050.tgz http://files2.zimbra.com/downloads/8.5.0_GA/zcs-patch-8.5.0_GA_3050.tgz.md5

ZCS 8.5.0 Patch 2 resolves the following bugs.


  • Bug 95704 - Zimlet as a “service” is available from zmconfigd.cf


  • Bug 94818 - Fixed issue causing single row and column showing when many attendees are present in the invite. 
  • Bug 95789 - Client no longer hangs using vertical scrollbar from reminder dialog when using Chrome


  • Bug 95009 - Fixed issue causing NullPointerException in CalendarAgent. 
  • Bug 94970 - Sharing: Update/Delete Calendar items now synced for MacOutlook user.


  • Bug 95000 - Fixed issue causing /opt/zimbra symlink to break zmstat-fd stat gathering in 8.0.7 and later. 
  • Bug 95277 - Fixed issue causing /etc/logrotate.d/zimbra hang with endscript in cbpolicyd.log section. 
  • Bug 95412 - zmmailboxdctl restart rewrites web.xml for each webapp. 
  • Bug 95703 - logrotate error issues fixed on RHEL7.


  • Bug 95302 - System account for spam/non-spam training disables spam check. 
  • Bug 95365 - Invalid login filter no longer blocks internal requests.


  • Bug 94534 - Sync client syncs all emails. 
  • Bug 94939 - Calendar feature disabled in COS does not sync/create calendar through


  • Bug 94984 - Sync client tracks messages moved when using Zimbra Web Client. 
  • Bug 95062 - Touch client loads properly when Calendar/Contacts is disabled in the COS or account. 
  • Bug 95356 - Mobile device syncs after upgrade to 8.5. 
  • Bug 95649 - Mobile Sync now returns error for SendMail request with NO recipient. 
  • Bug 95652 - MessagingException no longer causes extra "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" sync log record. Bug 95667 - ZimbraSyncServlet no longer returns INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR(500) for MessagingException. 
  • Bug 95770 - Fixed issue causing Server Unavailable error for FolderSync request after folder is permanently deleted from server. Folder now permanently deleted from Zimbra Web Client.


  • Bug 82243 - SPNEGO Authentication working with Zimbra EWS jetty configuration. 
  • Bug 85016 - Comma separated values available in zimbraHttpThrottleSafeIPs 
  • Bug 95599 - Login page honors zimbraWebClientLogoutURL. 
  • Bug 95630 - Context path filter does not suspend requests when threads are available

Please read through the release notes for install instructions. For all customers running Zimbra Collaboration 8.5.0, we would recommend that you install this patch. The patch process is quick, can be installed while the server is live (as a hotfix) and requires just a "zmmailboxd restart" after installation --  just a few minutes of downtime tops. As a matter of best practices, we always suggest testing the process first in your test lab environment. Please submit a case or post to the forums if any questions or issues.

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