Zimbra Collaboration 8.6 Patch 4 is here

Zimbra Collaboration 8.6 Patch 4 is here

We are delighted to announce Patch 4 for Zimbra Collaboration 8.6. This patch gives full support for Microsoft Edge in Zimbra Collaboration 8.6.0, and fixes up to 47 Bugs focusing on EWS compatibility and many others.

Please do a full backup or snapshot before installing this Patch. You can download the patch and the md5 and the SHA 256 file here:

Download the Patch for Network Edition and for Open Source Edition

Please, read the Full Release Notes here.

All Zimbra Collaboration 8.6.0 sites are recommended to install this patch. Patch 4 is cumulative with Patch 1, 2 and 3, so only Patch 4 is required in case that you didn't installed the previous ones.

You might find useful the complete list of the fixed Bugs in this Patch 4 for Zimbra Collaboration 8.6.0

Read carefully the Release Notes, for this Patch 4.

Important! You cannot revert to the previous ZCS release after you upgrade to the patch.

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