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Did You Know? Calendar Preferences

Did You Know? Calendar Preferences

Did you know that Calendar preferences are available in Zimbra?

Click Calendar on the Preferences tab to see the options available.

On the Calendar preferences page you can:

Set your default calendar view. The default view is Work Week View. The other options are Day, 7 Day Week, Month and List views.
Specify whether to automatically add appointments to the calendar when you receive a meeting invitation. The default is to automatically display an appointment on your calendar when you receive a meeting invitation. The status stripe* for these meetings is orange.  When you respond to the meeting invitation (either in email or using the right-click menu in the calendar), the status strip changes to indicate your response.Specify whether or not declined meetings are displayed on your calendar. By default, declined meetings are displayed as very transparent* appointments on your calendar.Specify whether or not to delete meeting invitations when you respond to them in email. By default, invites are deleted (moved to the Trash folder) when you respond to them.

* Note that status stripes and levels of transparency are not displayed on smart phones or tablets.

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