ZCS 8.5.0 Patch 1

ZCS 8.5.0 Patch 1 resolves the following bugs:

Bug 95230: Fixed the variable used to enable the policy daemon (smtpd policyd). Changed to the correct attribute of zimbraMtaEnableSmtpdPolicyd.

Bug 95265: Fixed issue causing removal of Webapp services when editing the server. Important! If running 8.5.0 GA build 3040, avoid using the Administrator Console to make any changes to the server config for a store server, as it will lose all of its services the next time it is restarted (no web UI, mailboxes, or admin console). You must install this patch for this issue to be resolved.

If running ZCS 8.5.0, it is very important that you patch. Please download the patch here: http://www.zimbra.com/downloads/zimbra-collaboration

The Release Notes are available here: http://files.zimbra.com/website/docs/8.5/ZCS_850_Patch1_ReleaseNotes.pdf

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